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Note added Dec 2012:   Wow...time sure flies. I really need to update this web page someday! Much of the below information is outdated. Well, at least I updated our family picture.

Hi, my name is John Vallelunga. I live in Santa Rosa, California. Located about one hour north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa is at the heart of the Sonoma County wine country. I live there with my wife, Lene (pronounced lay-na); 2 sons, Brian and Daniel; and my Korean daughter, Jadine, who was adopted through HOLT International. I have lived in Santa Rosa since 1975, but grew up in San Francisco during the Fifties and Sixties. I attended such exciting schools as St. Stephens Elementary, St Ignatius College Prep, and SF State University. I also attended UC Davis for a while. I now work for Agilent (the test and measurement spinoff of Hewlett Packard) in Santa Rosa.

Lene (a.k.a. Lene Corrigan and Lene Gassman) is a 4th grade teacher at Madrone School in the Rincon Valley Unified School District. She grew up in LA, but went to Canadian Academy high school in Kobe, Japan. She has lived in Santa Rosa since 1971. Disgustingly, we are both into computers and currently have way too many (8 or 9 at last count). She always gets the best one! Lene is constantly upgrading computers so that she can maintain a reasonably good one in her classroom. Several years ago she got into web design; check out Lene's home page.

The purpose of this page, other than to just say we have one, is to answer questions about the Vallelunga name. Ever since e-mail and national e-mail directories, I have repeatedly been asked if I was related to so and so, or where the name Vallelunga came from. Well, this web site is my answer. This may also be helpful for those interested in genealogy or just looking for other Vallelunga's. This may not be too exciting if you are not a Vallelunga, but hey, you can't please all the people all the time. Work related activities tend to keep me from updating this page on a regular basis.

Here is a Dec 2012 photo of my family. The family has grown considerably since my last family photo.

From Left to right: Arianna, Jadine, Linda (my ex), Josee, Daniel, Brian, Radley, Julie, John, Lene.

Watch us age: Family in 2005; Family in 2000; Family in 1996